From East to West

Well, we made it!  Sorry it’s taken so long to get this posted – the prep to leave for Croatia has consumed all of our time.

We left New York on September 17th, thanks to the sexiest moving crew East of the Mississippi:

HOTNESS(not pictured, Jared’s brother and brother-in-law)

It was really sad for me to leave the apartment I’ve called home for so many years:


but we set out and made it all the way to Ohio the first night.  After a super cla$$y stay at a Motel 6 we set out for Greencastle, Indiana to visit Jared’s college.  Oh yeah, and it was our first anniversary!

at our hotel, which was generously paid for by my parents

We spent it touring Jared’s frat house (it’s called ROMANCE, people!):

…and drinking ridiculously cheap beverages – thanks Indiana!

We continued the next day  on the Jared Howe Memorial Tour by checking out Jared’s childhood home in Rock Island, Illinois:

We spent a lovely evening with our friends Greg and Dani and headed out for a long 16-hour drive to Boulder, Colorado.  We did find time to make a quick stop at Jared’s childhood horse camp in Iowa:

(Jared found a truck that summed up his life philosophy)

There aren’t many good things to say about the rest of this grueling day other than to show you the gorgeous sunset that we enjoyed as we drove across NEVERENDING NEBRASKA:

note the bug smudges on the windshield – more on that later

We gave ourselves a day off in Boulder with Jared’s cousin Avi and his wife Puni.  Let me tell you, after that long drive staying with Puni and Avi was like a glorious oasis.  It kept comparing it to arriving at a rest stop on the Oregon Trail.  We left with our bodies and minds refreshed!

Unfortunately, we had another 17-hour day ahead of us to get to Missoula, Montana (whamp whamp).  This was a much better drive though, as it took us through beautiful Wyoming:

another bug-riddled sunset

We made it safely to another welcome oasis in Missoula, where we spent another day off from driving.  We stayed with Jared’s college friend Jason and his lovely family:

After several days of sitting in the truck we were dying for some fresh air and exercise.  Jason took us on a bike ride up to a nearby trailhead and on the way two small bears ran across the road in front of us!  BEARS!  Luckily they were a safe distance away.

we stopped to dip our feet in a stream

We went out that evening to a local brewery (where they had delicious gluten-free beer for Jared!) and were able to meet up with my friend Kate who also happens to live in Missoula:

Kate makes me look like a midget.

The next day we set off for the final leg of our trip – a meager 8 hours in comparison to the previous two legs.  Jared made sure I snapped a picture as we crossed the state line into Washington:

After 7 days and 3,400 miles, we made it!  Our stuff is all safely stored and we’re getting ready to head out for the next phase.  What really sticks with us from the cross-country trip is the time spent with good friends and family – our visits turned what could have been a really tiresome trip into a series of very special memories.  What also stuck with us were millions of bugs (RIP)!

We leave on Monday and will update as soon as we get settled into Dubrovnik.  Until then!


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