Dobrodošli na Dubrovnik!

We made it!  Let me just start by saying we love it here. LOVE IT.  LURVE. Dubrovnik is all, “that’s nice, you guys are great…but maybe cool it a bit?” and we’re all, “NO DICE, I will hug this building if I want to.”

We left Seattle Monday night and arrived Wednesday morning.  I know that sounds like a totally awful amount of travel, but it was actually fine.  Since we had a 12-hour layover in New York, we were lucky that our bags were checked all the way through to Dubrovnik and even luckier that they were actually waiting for us when we arrived (I tried to avoid Murphy’s Law by packing a few days’ worth of clothing and toiletries in our carry-on bags, and I think it worked).

our parents saw us off at the airport

yay, our giant pile of stuff!

It was a beautiful day and we took a bus into town.  As it wound around the cliffs, we caught our first glimpse of the city:

With our luggage, it seemed like a million steps up to our apartment, but our [super sweet] landlord was waiting for us at the top and and we settled in and got ready to explore a little:

I’m sure every picture we take has been taken by every other tourist who’s been here, so I’ll try to keep it to the ones we think are special and unique to our trip (I’ll post a link to our Flickr stream so anyone who wishes to see the whole shebang can do so).

We’re living the the Stari Grad (old town) section of Dubrovnik, so everything is impossibly quaint, and every time you turn a corner (of which there are lots) there is something else to discover.  Case in point, this bar perched on a cliff:

I think we actually saw this bar in a Rick Steves video, and it was one of the things that made us want to come to Dubrovnik.  It was expensive and clearly for tourists, and I don’t even care because it was magical.  I didn’t even really have words for how I was feeling at this point – I was just kind of walking around trying to keep my mouth from falling open.

After this, jet-lag got the better of me and I took a nap.  It wasn’t so much a nap as my body sinking into the couch and my eyes refusing to open.  I woke up a little later and Jared was asleep in bed so I felt a little better about my lack of willpower.  We got up and made dinner, then went back out for a celebratory welcome drink.  All the tourists were gone so we took advantage of the quiet streets and walked around for a while before settling at a bar near our place.

At the next table, part of the local klapa group was practicing (like I said, around every corner) – excuse Jared’s hand in the foreground, I was trying to be discreet about filming them:

this video took so long to upload (it delayed this post all day) that I accidentally punched myself in the eye in the midst of a celebratory dance

Even after our nap we were tired enough to sleep the whole night, so I hope that means we’re pretty much on Croatian time.  I’ll finish up with an apartment tour so that you get an idea of what our place is like.  It’s small but it’s pretty much perfect for our purposes:

I can already see the ways in which our children will be embarrassed by us.

That’s about it for today.  Tomorrow Jared is going to post with some of the costs it took to get us here, and how we are managing our money, so keep an eye out for that!


9 responses

  1. Your apartment looks great! How excting! Having been there, we can picture exactly where you are. And no doubt, with all the steps you will stay in grat shape these coing months! When you get a chance, do call our friends Besim and Meliha. They can’t wait to show you Sarajevo!

  2. Hello guys!
    Looks great and I bet by now you will feel a lot better. The yet lag usually lasts 1 week…. Enjoy your time! i am looking forward to hearing more

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