I’m On a Boat!

Hi there!  Sorry for the delay in updates – I’ve been fighting off a wee cold since Monday. It’s been torture because I have so many great pictures to share from our weekend!

Last week we went down to the Old Port with the hopes of finding out if there were still boats going to Lokrum Island (since Ol’ Rick says that the boats stop in October).  We stopped at the first kiosk we came to and they started to tell us about their package…not to Lokrum but to the Elafiti.  We had kind of written off day excursions as too touristy, but the description of the day sounded really nice, very affordable (a full day for less than $50 per person, including lunch) and the thought of getting away for the day was very tempting.  We also found out that it’s only 50 kuna per person (less than $10) to get out to Lokrum (the boats are still running as long as the weather is nice) so we’ll probably hop over there in the next week or so.

We were going to head down and do the cruise the next day (Friday) but Jared had too much work to be gone the whole day (a good thing!), so instead we went to the beach just outside the Ploce Gate for a few hours.  We have had a stretch of nice weather here and we know it’s not going to last forever, so we just couldn’t waste a beautiful day.  It was probably around 70 degrees but it felt like 80 since there was no wind.

my Facebook friends will recognize this one

it was warm enough for a dip!

trying to figure out the self-timer...


Jared built a cairn on my hip

The next day was also supposed to be beautiful so we got up and headed straight for the Old Port.  The boat was set to leave at 10:45 which gave us enough time to enjoy a nice coffee before setting out.


Jared in front of our boat

just outside the walls

It was great to get yet another perspective of Dubrovnik, and for me it was wonderful to be back on the water again.  For those of you who don’t know, I grew up on a sailboat, so I felt like I was back in the Puget Sound on vacation as a kid.  I parked myself up on the bow and didn’t give up that spot all day (to be fair, everyone stayed in their spots once we got going).

As soon as we got underway, our captain came around and offered everyone beverages (included in the ticket price!)…including grappa. It was a little early for us to partake, but it confirmed our inklings that we liked this crew.

11 am is a little early for grappa...

Our first stop was Kolocep Island, where we had 30 minutes to explore.  There wasn’t a ton to see, but it was a pretty cute little island – and as we pulled up to the dock a sweet kitteh trotted up to greet the boat.

"oh, hello there!"

the maidenhead of our boat - check out that clear water!

happy tourists

At this point, as you can see, we were feeling pretty good about our little cruise – touristy or not.  Our next stop was an even cuter island called Sipan, where we spent 40 minutes and then returned to the boat for a delicious lunch of grilled fish (or “fish picnic” as they adorably referred to it).

Sipan Island

we found Yosh's Croatian twin!

Sipan's quaint port town


I have to say, we were not expecting much from lunch but it was DELICIOUS.  And it came with as much wine as we could drink – win!


The itinerary allotted time for a leisurely lunch, so as we ate and listened to some dulcet traditional Croatian music, we noticed a few friends gathering on the dock…

these cats know where it's at

Happily, our fellow passengers were almost bigger pushovers than we are when it comes to cats, so these guys came away well fed once everyone had finished eating.  As we left port for our final destination, our captain fed the remaining fish leftovers to some incredibly lucky seagulls, to the extreme delight of everyone else.  Dad, I hope you’re appropriately horrified by this picture (as a former boat owner, I have learned to hate seagulls and the mess they make).


At this point in the day, we were officially CHARMED.  The cruise was totally laid back and it was a gorgeous day to be out on the water.  Little did we know that our final stop on Lopud Island would be our favorite.  It was past tourist season so most everything was closed up, but the natural charm of the island came through as we wandered around the port, a public garden and the Franciscan monastery.  It was seriously so gorgeous that we fantasized about buying a summer home there (with fantasy money).

my new favorite picture

as you know, Jared can't resist a playground

we took a wee dip before leaving

The sun was beginning to set as we pulled away from Lopud and headed back to Dubrovnik.  At this point, the day went from “charming” to “magical.”

the monastery at sunset

sunset over Lopud

sundown on the Adriatic

moons over my hammy...er, my Jared

It was pretty chilly once the sun went down, but a worthwhile trade for the beautiful evening views of Dubrovnik as we pulled into port.

Port Gruz at night

We returned to port at nearly 6pm so we really got a full day for our money, especially since we were supposed to get back at 5pm.  It was great to venture out from the city, and we agree that it was the best day we’ve had on the trip so far.  I’d highly recommend the Regina Maris (specifically this company, we really liked their vibe) to anyone visiting Dubrovnik.  Simply enchanting.


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  1. Whitney, to use your words “magical” I still feel I am right along the journey, amazing pictures and descriptions, better than any travel log I have ever seen, and so personally conveyed and written..

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