Kuna & Carry

Since we had use of a car on Saturday and would be passing the large GETRO supermarket on the way home, we pretty much had to stop and stock up (plus I really wanted to take pictures since I forgot my camera last time).  I realized during this visit that it’s a cash & carry, so essentially it’s like a smaller COSTCO but without the membership, which explains the variety of products and large quantities.  However, the locals seem to treat it like a normal grocery store, and we were buying the most items by far of anyone in line (one woman only had a bottle of detergent), so I still have no damn idea what’s going on.  BEHOLD.

Jared was pleased with this giant slab of bacon

I feel lactose intolerant just looking at this

Kinder Surprise goldmine!

Haribo goldmine!

...yet this is their entire stock of peanut butter

I can't be the only one who thinks this is funny.


Jared classes it up in the wine aisle

fancy a TV?

how about a washer?

or a fridge?

Jared couldn't resist.

Another quirky thing about this place was that you had to put in a 5 kuna coin to unlock a cart, and then you get it back when you return the cart.  The first time we went I thought they just charged to rent the cart (like at the airport) and I was so startled when I returned the cart and the kuna popped back out!  Also, in a surprisingly progressive (or perhaps just cost-cutting) move, they charge for shopping bags.

the kuna contraption

Jared gets our 5 kuna back

And since I couldn’t let Jared be the only one with grocery store slippers (and my feet are always cold), I came home with these beauties:

don't lie, you're jealous.

Since we had to return the car to Port Gruz and we didn’t want to haul our groceries on the bus, Jared waited with the car at the Buza Gate while I ran everything down to the apartment.  It felt for a minute like we were back in New York and were coming home from a weekend trip with the Zipcar.  See?  Life isn’t that much different over here.


7 responses

  1. Whitney and Jared, I just want to tell you that Debbie and I love to read your blog. We live just a bit vicariously through your adventures and are happy that
    you share them with the rest of us. Be careful over there.
    Love Dean and Debbie.

    • Aw, thanks Dean and Debbie! We’re really sad that we didn’t get a chance to see you guys when we were in town – trip preparations were just too crazy. Jared’s parents live really close to you guys, so we’ll have to all get together when we get back. XO

  2. Whit and Jared
    OK so I just spent the last hour reading your amazing Dubrovnik accounts. Sorry it took so long – I did not even know about this until Kathleen told me. This is so great for all of us but I have to ask how is the 4 hrs/week thing working out?
    much love


    • It’s not there yet. Right now he’s at about 20 hours a week and we are still looking for more income. But it’s definitely a start, and we’re meeting other goals like managing our own schedule and getting a lot of time together (and obviously, traveling).

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