Finger Licking Good

I did something last night that I’ve never done: I made fried chicken.

I had never made it at home, and I was frankly more than a little terrified of a pot of molten oil on my stove.  So why did I decide to try this now, when I have a kitchen that consists of 2 burners and 12 inches of counter space?  Maybe it was a bit of boredom, perhaps a bit of insanity and likely a smidge of the grocery store only having whole chicken parts left.  The world may never know the true reason.

But seriously?  SWEET HOLY LORD.  Eating that chicken was a divine experience.  I felt like I needed a cigarette or something afterward. It definitely took some finesse and maneuvering but man, it was worth it.

the whole operation

the coatings

frying up


here goes nothing...

pure bliss.

Yes, I know I look like I am making out with the chicken.

DON’T JUDGE ME, you didn’t taste it!

We’re making this again for Thanksgiving.  Eat your heart out, KFC.


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