Meet Mr. Footlong

Today, I have a story to share, and an introduction to make.

My friend Lauren got married last summer (2010), and my best friend Felicity and I attended her bachelorette party.  When we got to Lauren’s house, we saw that all the other girls had dressed alike, so we popped down the street to Old Navy to grab matching tanks and skirts.  While we were there, Felicity bought this chew toy called Mr. Footlong for her dog Nibbler.  Let me be clear, this is not a name we gave the toy, it’s stitched into his back, and “he” is a hotdog with rope arms and legs, a smiling face and a fishing hat.  It’s one of the most surreal and hilarious dog toys I’ve ever seen, which is clearly why she had to purchase it.  The hilarity of Mr. Footlong was not lost on the other girls, who quickly declared him the mascot of the bachelorette party, and we all had a great time posing with him.

here I am singing a ballad to him

Sadly, at some point in the evening we tragically lost Mr. Footlong.

his last known you can see he has an effect on people

Though gone, he had entered our lives and could not be forgotten.  So Felicity called numerous Old Navy stores and tracked down several more replacements (she was, after all, my Matron of Honor and my own bachelorette was fast approaching).  Conveniently, I don’t have any digital pictures of that fateful night, but suffice it to say Mr. Footlong II came away with a pink mustache and a permanent place in all our hearts.

He also came on our honeymoon with us, which is where he transformed from bachelorette party gag to member of the family.  Jared really went all out making sure he was well represented in our honeymoon photos, and we even put together a book of just his adventures to give to Lauren and Felicity for Christmas.

here he is checking out Yosemite Valley...

enjoying a day at the beach...

on Lombard Street in San Francisco...

...and making some friends on a cable car

It turns out he’s really the perfect travel companion (besides Jared).  He’s compact and lightweight, and he gives his all for a good photo op (much like Jared).  Plus he pitches in when needed!

he helps with luggage...

and he even helped us move!

So naturally, we had to bring Mr. Footlong on this trip with us.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph him in front of the great monuments of Europe, and to get his unique take on our travels.  As you can imagine, he’s already having quite the time in Dubrovnik.

partaking in a little cider...

an afternoon coffee...

taking in a movie...

...and spending some quality time at the beach (his favorite)!

So after some thought (and by popular demand), we’ve decided to implement Footlong Fridays here on the blog.  We couldn’t deny Mr. Footlong’s fans, could we?  Check back next week to see what Mr. Frank Long has been up to!


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