Last Call for Lokrum

We’d been meaning to head out to Lokrum Island even before our little jaunt to the Elafiti, and since we didn’t really have any plans for the weekend and the weather was supposed to be pretty nice, this past weekend seemed like the time to check it off our list.  We went out Friday night so we were feeling a little…lazy on Saturday and we pushed the trip back to Sunday.  We got down to the dock around 12:30 and had time for a coffee before the 1:00 boat.  The last boat back would be at 3:30, giving us plenty of time to explore the small island.

pre-boarding coffee


the view from the bow as we pulled out

The postponement until Sunday had left us with even better weather than we’d had the day before, so we were pleased with ourselves.  It was a short little trip out to the island, and since we didn’t have too much ground to cover we decided to take our chances wandering on the trail and hitting all the “sights” in a loop.

crushed, Jared quietly slipped his pipe back into his pocket.

they are very serious about their nude beaches here.

We took the long way around the south end and finally found the “Dead Sea,” a small salt-water lake on the southwestern tip of the island. We kept thinking we were lost because the trail was kind of crappy and poorly marked.

Mrtvo More

I bet that rope swing is SO FUN in the summer

Once we made it over to the lake, the rest of the attractions were pretty close together.  From there we checked out the ruined monastery and the adjacent botanical gardens.  One unexpected and fun thing about the island was that there are peacocks EVERYWHERE.  There was one at the dock when we got off the boat, and the monastery seemed to be where they congregated.

stacks of roof tiles

monastery ruins

this is the closest I got to a peacock

Though the botanical garden was a bit lackluster this time of the year, there were still some really interesting specimens.  And of course, we made due with what we had.

I love the shape of these guys

and the texture of these

Jared pets the cactus

"feed me, Seymour"

We still had a good hour or so before the last boat, so we decided to make the trek up the hill to Fort Royal.  The walk ended up being much more of an incline than we expected, but the view was worth it.  Plus, when we got to the top, there were some bunnies hopping around!  Cute creatures abound in Croatia!

the never-ending hill


an awesome view of Dubrovnik

and some equally great views of the coast and sea

Even after our hike we still had some time before the boat came, so we sat down at the cafe near the dock to have some champagne.  We learned from the waiter that we were their last customers of the season, and it was the last day the island would be open until next summer!  Talk about cutting it close.  Somehow that seemed just so us (and was in line with the luck of this trip so far), and it made the whole day better to know that we got in just under the wire.  Plus, it meant that our boat back would also be the last one of the season, which was pretty cool.

a toast to the end of summer

the last boat of the year

On the ride back, Jared got a little…caught up in the moment.

he may have insisted I take this picture while he quoted Titanic...

I managed to contain myself

Most of the passengers on the way back were employees of the island, and when we disembarked the captain honked the horn and everyone clapped for the end of the season.  The moment had a quiet, bittersweet vibe to it – especially since the air has been steadily gaining that unmistakeable Fall chill.

Farewell, summer.


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