We Like the Nightlife (We Like to Boogie)

I’m going to be honest here: this time of year, it’s pretty quiet in Dubrovnik.  However, that’s not so much of a problem since we like to chill out most of the time, and when we do go out together we can make a good time happen pretty much anywhere (translation: we bring the party).

After exhaustive research, we’ve narrowed down our two favorite bars in Dubrovnik.

The first is the sister to the cliff-side bar that we visited on our first day in town.  There isn’t much difference between the two, but we like the vibe of this one better because it feels more cozy and has more comfortable chairs.  Jared suggested last week that we go there to have a drink while the sun set, which was an excellent idea.  While we missed the sunset that day, we went back for some mimosas on Saturday and got the Full Monty (plus we almost literally got the Full Monty with some guys jumping off the rocks below us).

As you can see, it sucks here.

Our second favorite bar just happens to be on our street.  At first we favored an Irish pub a few blocks down, but after being overcharged and drinking flat cider we decided to check out the place that looked like it was full of locals.  It totally wins in my book: it’s quiet, only has one TV, has nautical touches of decor and a brick ceiling, displays old pictures of Dubrovnik and locals who have visited the bar AND we’ve befriended one of the bartenders to the point that he gives us free honey grappa when we come in (it’s SO GOOD).  That all adds up to the perfect neighborhood bar, if you ask me (and you’re reading my blog, so I will take that as you asking me).

Most Friday nights we just park ourselves in the corner and hang out for a couple of hours, and it’s great because we only have to go up the stairs to get home!  It’s not a bad way to start the weekend.


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