You Say It’s Your Birthday??

For those of you who don’t know, yesterday was my 29th birthday.  Last week I was a little sad at the prospect of spending the day so far away from friends and family, but Jared made sure we had a really nice time and it ended up being definitely up there on the list of top birthdays.

We had a pretty normal day and then at 4 we went out for some tea and cakes, like fancy ladies.  The Hilton (where our gym is located) has a special service every afternoon in the lounge from 3-7pm with unlimited cakes and coffee/tea for 45 kuna per person (about $8 USD).  We had been wanting to check it out for a while, so we thought my birthday would be the perfect opportunity to indulge.

the Hilton Imperial

the spread

our choices

a nice view of the Fort of St. Lawrence at sundown

It was WELL WORTH the 45 kuna.  The cakes were delicious (the apple strudel was my favorite) and the lounge was the perfect mix of posh and comfortable – just enough to feel special on my b-day.

I am a classy tea-drinking lady.

We came home and to have a little champagne before dinner and our landlady had left a gift at the door!  I could not figure out how she knew it was my birthday – it turns out she had checked the passport copies we sent in advance of our arrival.  Smart woman!


We had been waiting to try a place called Nishta around the corner from our apartment, so I picked that for my birthday dinner.  It’s a vegetarian restaurant that is one of the only spots Rick Steves recommends in Dubrovnik, and it smells ridiculously good whenever we walk by, so we were pretty psyched to finally be trying it.  Nishta did not disappoint!  The restaurant is delightfully cozy and cheerfully decorated, the music was festive but unobtrusive (more on that later), and the service was very friendly – they even gave me a free glass of champagne when they found out it was my birthday!

the entertaining ladies room

see? friendly!

I had falafel with hummus and Jared had a rice noodle stir-fry, and both were excellent: nothing fancy but really well done.  The real winner was the chocolate fondue we had for dessert that came with a dish of shaved coconut for dipping (brilliant)!



the works

Jared got really into the music they were playing (or maybe it was just a sugar high from the fondue) and performed an impromptu birthday dance for me.  It was really special.

This video is my new favorite thing.  Seriously, if somebody wants to make a gif out of him dancing (or tell me how) I would be forever grateful.

Since it IS Friday, I should mention that Mr. Footlong came along to join in a toast.


We went to our favorite neighborhood bar to cap off the evening and Frank came along.  He had quite the time!

he met Goran Visnjic...

indulged in a bit of honey grappa...

...and engaged in some lively debate with the locals.

Since I’m a completely spoiled wife, I also got a present!  As you know we are very budget-conscious, so Jared and I talked it over and agreed that I could get a piece of traditional Croatian jewelry for my birthday.  The store that had the piece I liked was closed when we stopped by yesterday so we went today on the way back from the gym.  I chose a small bracelet and it was too long so they offered to take the two extra pieces off and make earrings for me.

pardon my post-gym appearance

the set

The staff was really pleasant and while we waited for the jeweler to make my earrings we enjoyed checking out their display of old currency (including a US 2 dollar bill):

now THAT'S inflation

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I had some lovely birthday Skypes with family and an overwhelming number of messages from friends (in addition to being completely spoiled by my sweet husband).  I felt very loved and not all that far away after all.  I am a very lucky girl!

Early tomorrow morning we’re heading to Mostar for an overnight, so I will update you all on Monday.  Have a great weekend, everyone!



5 responses

  1. Happy b-day Whit!
    Must have known something as I spent over an hour reviewing all your blog posts last night.

    So it’s Friday here in So Cal so I am really not late.

    Loved reading about the tea and dinner adventures

    Glad you felt special on your day….but you know you are really quite special everyday



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