YES, another cat post.  SO SUE ME.

As you know, Jared and I are well familiar with the cats around town (and others).  We have a favorite who seems to more or less belong to a cafe on our way to the gym.  He lounges on their chairs, and they put cushions and food out for him.  He is an absolute lover, probably because he’s been treated so well by humans.

This post isn’t about him though, this post is about a tiny kitten we’ve affectionately named Oliver.  We saw him one day in an alley on the way to the grocery store.  He was there with his momma, and they both looked pretty hungry (and were pretty timid).  We gave them a tin of food and they voraciously gobbled it up.

I mean, COME ON, does that wee little thing not just break your heart?  If not, ARE YOU MADE OF STONE??

We came by the next day and they were still there, so we fed them again.  We decided that we’d go back each afternoon and feed them as long as they were there.  They clearly needed it, and it was easy to find them.  By the third day they seemed to know we were coming and would pop out when they heard our voices but were still very scared of us (Oliver would run away at the slightest motion of my arm, and then run back to the food as soon as I backed up).

This went on for about a week until one day we went to feed them and Oliver popped out…by himself.  I KNOW.  It was just the saddest.

We didn’t really know what to do.  He wouldn’t let us come close enough to even touch him.  We thought maybe if we kept feeding him he’d trust us enough to let us pick him up, but then what would we do?  We couldn’t take him with us, and we don’t know anyone here.  So we decided that we’d feed him every day as long as we were in town, and right before we left we’d see where things stood and see if maybe our landlady’s daughter wanted him or something (we had heard she liked cats).  At the very worst, at least we would have given him a month of food and he’d be bigger and stronger and would have a better chance of fending for himself.

But THEN, on Thursday we went to feed him…and he wasn’t there.  We were heartbroken and worried, and we looked all over the adjacent streets for him.  We checked again on Friday before we left for the weekend and he still wasn’t there.  We rationalized that maybe somebody had taken him in, and hoped that was true.

Today we walked by the alley just to check…and HE WAS THERE – and so was his mom!  We were so relieved!  They were OK and they were reunited.  They meowed like crazy at us and it was great to see them gobble up some food and water.

It was the kind of thing we needed after our rough time yesterday.  It’s clear that he’s getting bigger and that he’ll be just fine.  We’ll keep feeding him (and mom) as long as we can find them.  We can’t watch over them forever but we can help them out for now.


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  3. Ha! We have pictures of these VERY SAME CATS in my blog from December 10. They were very wary of us, but seemed in good health. We’ll see if we can locate them and feed them on your behalf before we head back to the US next month.


    We also see the one regularly that hangs out at the cafe by the Hilton.

    I just discovered your blog – too bad I didn’t find it sooner, since it appears you have already gone. We’ve been living in Dubrovnik since August, and have shared some of the same experiences that you have. We also love cats, and there are tons of photos in our blog of all the cats we see regularly in Dubrovnik. It is so sad to see them suffer and I smiled when I heard you feed them tins of food. 🙂

    Good luck on your travels!

    • Oh my god! I can tell you exactly how to find them. Go to Gundulic Square, and head toward the Pile Gate on Puca. They are in the alley on your left next to the shoe store about 4 blocks down. If you hit that big stylized pizza place with the french fries that’s always full of tourists, you’ve gone too far. Let me know if you find them!

      I’m sad we only found each other now. It would have been nice to chat! Best of luck on the rest of your time there. -Whitney

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