It Never Rains in Southern Croatia

This song was very much on my mind yesterday since it rained all day:

As a Seattle girl I don’t really mind the rain; it makes me feel at home.  What sucked was that we had a line of wash hanging out to dry, so we had to bring it in and dry it on the bed in front of the heater.  Then we spent most of the day indoors reading.  The gym has been closed for repainting for 2 days so we were total shut-ins, except for when we went out to feed the kitty, but he and his momma were [hopefully] holed up somewhere dry.

The rain gave the smooth stones of the Stradun a nice glisten, and as we walked home Jared declared, “it’s not so bad, the rain.”

UPDATE: It rained all day again today, but we ventured over to Port Gruz to get supplies for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.  Jared went out to feed the kitty this morning and met a woman who has also been feeding them (she approached him in line at the grocery store as he was buying cat food).  She’s a local so she’ll take over once we leave!  We’re SO relieved that they will be looked after once we’re gone.


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