Footlong Friday: Breaking Dawn

Yeah, I’ll admit that I read the Twilight series (so did a lot of people).  No, I’m not a Twihard (thought that was the theme of my bachelorette party).  The movies are awful but they’re entertaining, especially to go make fun of with my girlfriends.  I figured I would have to wait until we got back to see the latest installment of the series, but it came out on my birthday (a day earlier than in the States) at our odd little theater here in Dubrovnik and we went to see it on Monday.  Seriously, this theater looks more like a lecture hall than anything, and has the most uncomfortable seats ever.  Jared didn’t even complain about bad the movie was (he willingly went with me because what else was he going to do?) – he only complained about how uncomfortable the seats were.  It has two showings per day – usually one American and one Croatian – and it only opens about 30 minutes before the show starts.  The awesome thing is that it’s only $5 per person, so that’s a refreshing change.

Anyway, it was nice to feel like I wasn’t totally cut off from everything I would be doing back home, and I actually saw it the same day as my friends in NYC did, so we were able to dish the next day.

I did learn a surprising tidbit that I suspect nobody else is privy to: the love triangle in the story is actually a square:

I think we all know which handsome devil Bella will choose.  No girl can resist that mustache.


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