A Little Off the Sides

When we were still in Seattle preparing for this trip, Jared needed a haircut. Rather than searching for a new barber (and Seattle has many excellent ones), I convinced him to let me try cutting his hair. My reasoning was that we didn’t know what we’d be able to find while abroad, it would save money and I would do my best to give him exactly the cut he wanted. Back in New York, it seemed like barbers were always cutting his hair way too short and with his light skin and hair, it’s a pretty severe look. We were so wary that he got a cut weeks before our wedding to give it time to grow out for pictures. By the time he figured out exactly what to ask for to avoid getting totally sheared, we moved out of the city. So for practicality and budget, I took over as barber. I wear many hats these days.

The first haircut wasn’t bad, but we agree that I’m getting better. I’ve cut Jared’s hair 3 times now and each time my technique is improving and I’m having more fun (and am less afraid that I’ll ruin Jared’s hair). We went for fancy tea and cakes again yesterday and I gave him a trim beforehand. When his hair grows long on the sides it starts to look a little “mushroom-y” (our term) so we thought we’d spiff up a bit (which is also why I am wearing a dress in the picture below).

before...don't worry, he's wearing pants.


he jokingly asked what magazines I offered, so I gave him this

the result!

Tea and cake was great, again, and we specifically went on a night that they had a piano player (M, W, F) and we were not sorry. The guy was really talented and super nice – eventually we were the only ones there so he came by and asked what we wanted to hear.

We were kind of pumped from being out so after dinner we went back out for some drinks. We’ve been giving this Irish bar a few blocks down another shot and are liking it more and more for nights when we want a little more liveliness. The bartenders are really sweet and the main guy immediately gives us a rundown of the cider inventory as soon as we walk in, since that’s what we always order. One of them just got a job working for Royal Caribbean and the other is obsessed with Chicago so we’ve given them our card in case they ever need contacts.  When we told them how long we were here, they looked at us like we were crazy – ha!  Maybe we are…


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