Going Out in Style

It’s our last Friday in Dubrovnik, so we’ve decided to do it up right. We’re basically re-creating my birthday by visiting all of our favorite spots: fancy tea and piano music at the Hilton, dinner at Nishta and hitting up our two favorite local pubs (Talir and Katie O’Connor’s). You can see below that Mr. F already has his party face on. If the weather is nice this weekend we may also try to catch the sunset one last time, but it’s been a lot colder and pretty windy the last few days, so we may or may not get that chance.

I’ll check in on Monday. We leave Tuesday morning, spend the night in Paris and arrive in Nice on Wednesday afternoon, so I’m optimistic that I can give you all the run-down on how that trip went on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend!

"ready to imbibe!"


One response

  1. So long to Croatia, feel like I am leaving also, but anxiiously await the next part of your adventure and your Christmas celebration with friends, love Grandma Janet

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