Dubrovnik Wrap-Up

This pretty much sums up our day today:

recognize anybody?

I hate packing. At least this time we have a finite amount of gear to pack up, and it’s slightly less than we came with since we’ve used up a lot of toiletries, etc. Still, boo.

It was a great last weekend here. We ended up going out both Friday and Saturday nights because Katie O’Connors was showing the Barcelona/Real Madrid match and our bartender buddies Matija and Hrvoje convinced us to come back for it. They have a funny way of convincing us to do a lot of things, like Sambuca shots.

Matija and Hrvoje

We were glad we came back because we had even more fun watching the match than we’d had the night before. Since we had the inside track and knew the place would fill up fast, we came an hour before kickoff and got a seat. Once it was standing room only we met some fun Australians, Lizzie and Phil, and chatted with them while the boys were busy with crazy soccer fans (and I mean crazy in a good way – that energy is infectious). Lizzie had a kickass Simpsons tattoo – bonus points if you know to which episode it refers.

"Philbilly" and Lizzie

"Sticking together's what good waffles do"

It’s nice to be leaving Dubrovnik on a good note. Oh, and for those of you wondering, here’s how “Oliver” is looking these days:

turning into a little fatty

he even let me pet him a little!

I think that about covers it here. So long, Dubrovnik! Next time we post, we’ll be in France!


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