Issa Nissa!

Friday night we went to a Christmas party thrown by Molly’s friend Wendy. An actual party! With other people! I think I consumed my weight in Christmas cookies and mulled wine.

Molly and Chris picked us up for the party and on the way we got to talking about how we were going to watch some American Football at Christmas and Jared mentioned that we’d been hoping to see a football (soccer) match when we were in Sevilla next month. Chris said that Nice had a pretty good team and there was a game on Saturday night, so why don’t we go?

We were so excited! Our first football match, and we were amongst locals! It was a chilly and windy night so we bundled up, Molly packed us a bag full of sandwiches and treats and we headed to the stadium with Chris and their son Nicholas.

Jared, Nico and Chris

mmm, sandwich!

We had good seats on the second tier above the more avid fans (but across the stadium from the most rabid season ticketholders). There were two guys on a podium with a microphone whose job it was to rile up the fans by screaming and leading cheers. When I asked Chris how they were chosen, he said that “they were the loudest” and that they sometimes finish matches with no voice left. Right before kickoff, there was quite a spectacle:


the show starts

woah, that's a lot of smoke...

We froze our derrières off, but we had a great time. There wasn’t much action during the first half, but then in the beginning of the second, a seemingly innocuous kick resulted in the other team scoring on themselves! The rest of the half was much more exciting – especially since Nice was now trying to score on our side of the field – and we scored one more goal towards the end of the half to really lock it down.

Nice wins! (buuuut = gooooaaaal)

All in all, a pretty fun Saturday night!

smiling through the cold


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