Marché aux Puces

I like walking around and looking at old things.”  -Jared Howe

One of the things I was most excited about seeing again in Nice was the antiques/flea market in the old town. It’s held every Monday in the same place as the flower market from yesterday’s post and has a huge variety of items. Jared came with me since antiques shopping is just about the only kind he likes, and we met Molly, her daughter Katy and Katy’s friend Isabelle at the Garibaldi bus stop and walked over. The girls were very excited because they had just gotten a pair of “Best Friends” necklaces, which they were happy to model for me.

Katy and Isabelle, BFFs

the market transformed

fancy stalls


vintage racing game

vintage indexed map set of all of France

Sadly (for me), it seems in the last 10 years that vendors have started to catch on to what their stuff is worth, so there weren’t a ton of bargains to be had. The above set of maps, which I covet with my SOUL was €180! Sigh. I did buy some cool old coins and keys to use in my jewelry crafting, but that was about it. I also was thisclose to walking away with some awesome vintage flashcards, so I may go back if we can find some room in the budget (or if Santa thinks I’ve been good!).

We caught a preview of the market on Saturday when we met Molly in Place Garabaldi to walk to her house before the soccer match. There are iterations of this big market on different days in different parts of Nice or in neighboring villages (it was in the next town over from us on Sunday), and we happened to stumble on a few vendors in the square. We stopped at a rack of vintage coats and I tried one on because we’ve had a bit of an unusual cold snap here and I had been thinking I may need something a bit heftier to get me through the next month. It fit like a glove and Jared and Molly practically insisted I buy it. It was only €25 and while we were hemming and hawing over it (some buttons needed to be sewn back on), the woman reduced the price to €20! Sold. Maybe my coat high explains my willpower at the antiques market?

new (old) coat!

After we said goodbye to Molly and the girls, we did some Christmas shopping and then headed back to Place Masséna to ride the Ferris wheel at the Christmas market. It’s an enormous wheel, and we had been waiting for a sunny day to ride it so we could have the best possible views of Nice. The views were fantastic, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit nervous at the top of that thing. We were so high up!

post-ride, this picture seems a lot more ominous

the view was pretty stellar though

looking a little wary

smiling through the terror


Place Masséna Christmas market

those cars are a little too open for our taste...

When we told Molly that we had ridden the wheel she mentioned that it made her nervous to be up there too. We equated it to riding the Cyclone at Coney Island: it was probably safe, but didn’t inspire a lot of confidence. At any rate, we survived and stopped for socca on the way back to the bus.


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