Fun at la Foire

Wednesday we went into Nice to meet Molly and family and go to a small fair around the corner from their house. We went in early to finish up some Christmas shopping and wandered around Nice a bit.

we were obsessed with this building

is that not the most perfect color of orange??

50's Happy Diner?!? YAY!!!

When we got to the fair the first thing we saw was a Zoltar machine! I made Jared get his fortune.

Tragically, I stopped recording a moment too soon. As soon as I turned off the camera Jared said, “what did he say??”

Katy also went in for Zoltar

We had a great time acting like kids. We went on the giant slide, drove the bumper cars, waded through the fun house and straight up gave Euros to the clutch machines.

fun house, indeed

You can see from the last picture that carnival food is a little different here. They did have most of the classics though. I love how the French call cotton candy “barbe à papa” which means “dad’s beard.” What a cute name!

Jared was very excited about Katy's unicorn

There were many things Jared and I wished we were able to do but were just for the kids. Jared’s favorite was the activity that combined bungee cords with trampolines, and I really wanted to run around in a bubble like Katy.

most of the kids were doing variations of this

I'd also like one of these ponies in my size

It was nice to see something like a fair through kids’ eyes again. Remember when that was the most exciting thing in the world?

Nico and Katy show off their haul

On the way home it was starting to get dark so we caught a bit of the lights in Nice.

Bonnes Fêtes, everyone!


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