Bird’s Eye View

Last week after we went to see the crèche, we walked up the hill to the Château park above Nice. The sun was about an hour from setting so we had some beautiful light for photos (and by now my love of sunset photos has been well documented).

The Château is the site of the former citadel and literally has many layers of history: there is an excavation project underway to unearth some Roman ruins that were recently discovered near the playground.

the way up

Jared and I were thisclose to climbing the "Tour Eiffel"

found artifacts on display

dog in a sweater!

The best thing about the Château is that you get views of both the port on the east side and Vieux Nice to the west.

Le Port

famous paintings depicting Nice are placed all over town

Nice and the mountains

The next best thing about the park is the series of waterfalls at the top of the hill. When we first arrived and it was really windy, the water was blowing everywhere, so we knew to hold out for a calm day.

The waterfalls overlook the beautiful western views of Vieux Nice and the sunset:

La Grande Roue of Terror

On the way back down, we briefly walked through the grand cemetery that is also up on the hill. The tombs were beautiful but pictures weren’t allowed. I still took some, but out of respect I’ll keep them to myself.


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