Tour de Cap

The day after Christmas Jared and I decided to take a walk around the tip of the Cap, since we’ve been hearing about how it’s a famous walk and we were eager to burn off some of the pâté from the previous two days. We had been warned not to attempt any seaside walks if the weather was at all rough, since the waves could quickly become intense and dangerous. Molly and Chris told us that last year a tourist was washed away and only her shoes were found, so we weren’t taking any chances. Luckily, the weather felt like summertime along most of the trail and it was the perfect day to get some fresh air. Everyone else was out too, it seemed, but the trail wasn’t too crowded.

The trail starts at the tourist office on the main road into Saint Jean, and takes one big loop to end up in the center of town. If we had really wanted to, we could have walked through town and continued all the way into Beaulieu, but two hours was enough for one day. We did walk into Beaulieu and back the next day and it was also a great little excursion.

The walk around the Cap gave us some beautiful views of Villefranche across the water, and also incorporated a large variety of terrain (though it was an easy and well marked trail all around). There was one portion at the end that was very rocky and looked remarkably like Croatia. We wound around some rather expansive hillside homes and got to check out the lighthouse, which I had been wanting to see up close since we arrived.

I’ve been missing having access to a gym here, so it’s nice to be able to get some exercise in the great outdoors, rather than just doing jump squats and pushups in the apartment!

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