Bonjour 2012!

I’m not really sure how it happened, but we ended up having a pretty lively New Year’s. We had planned to stay in because Nice tends to get really packed on New Year’s Eve and we didn’t want to deal with a crush of people. Then Molly mentioned that she and Katy would be hanging out at home that night since Chris had to work and Nico is on a ski trip, so we decided to chill with them for a while and then maybe go out for a few drinks closer to midnight.

Kelly loves Jared

Katy is excited for dessert

design in the cake

Kelly pooped out early

It was fun hanging out with the girls. Molly cooked us a yummy dinner and then we watched a movie and drank champagne. We could have stayed there and been perfectly happy, but when Chris called to report that the Old Town was surprisingly subdued, we thought we’d go back to an Irish pub where we’d grabbed a quick drink that afternoon. I mean, how many times are you in France for New Year’s Eve?


this is probably why I felt so bad yesterday...

ready to count down


We didn’t really make new resolutions since we’re already living out some big ones on this trip. Though perhaps I’d resolve to not drink quite so much champagne next year? I spent yesterday on the couch in my sweats and Jared’s tuxedo t-shirt, because I’m classy. Starting off 2012 right!

Oh, and on the way home, we saw this guy (slightly NSFW, I guess):

Happy 2012 everyone!


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