Fancy Free In France

I think Whitney and I feel the exact same way about France: we absolutely love it. If it were a wee bit warmer and we had a little more money, I think we could both be easily persuaded to stay here a lot longer. We have a beautiful apartment that should be well out of our price range, access to great food and wine, and sunny, (sort of) warm days.

I’ve fallen in love with the French culture. Whether it’s the food, the wine, the beautiful, charming buildings or the friendly (yes, friendly) French people themselves, all I can say is that I’ve been utterly charmed. It finally feels like we’re on the trip we wanted to be on when we planned this European adventure.

The only downside to this trip is that we’ve had a bit of a tough month financially. While my job has held steady, every other thing that we were counting on this month to help out with money fell through.

Also, finding a second job has again proven to be elusive (and very frustrating for both of us). It’s been nine months since I started looking for a second gig, and nothing has come through except for the odd small job. I’m feeling a bit restless on that front. While Whitney and I enjoy the time we have to spend together, we are still just barely scraping by. A second job would make this trip easier financially, and would allow us to stop thinking so much about money.

We knew this month was going to be tough, because our apartment was more than double our previous rent. Also, it cost us $800 to get here from Croatia, and we took a trip at the beginning of the month to Split which was $400. And our money is not going very far here in the south of France.

That said, we are only over by around $600 for the month, and since we saved roughly that same amount over the first two months, we’ve basically broken even so far.

So, below is the money breakdown for the month:

Rent: $1430

Travel: $810

Food: $1300

Entertainment: $715

Misc: $870

Next month, we will only pay $1000 for our rent in Sevilla, so we will be able to save some money there, and we should be able to get to Spain for probably about half of what it cost us to get here to France, so hopefully our expenses will be about a grand less than they were here. With a little luck, we should be able to break even.


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