Les Malades

In case you can’t tell, that’s a thermometer in my mouth. Yes, I am sick. We are both sick. With tonsillitis.

Jared started feeling bad last week (so this probably wasn’t helped by NYE but wasn’t cased by it either) and we finally threw in the towel and took him to Molly’s doctor this week (who didn’t find anything but ordered a blood test). I was feeling fine until last night when I spiked a fever, but was feeling better this morning. We got the blood test results that said Jared had some kind of inflammation so we went to an ENT specialist today who finally diagnosed him and ordered antibiotics. I think I’ll have to go back to Molly’s doctor tomorrow and get the same course of prescriptions because by the time we got home, my fever had come back and I had a swollen throat.

Though it really blows to be sick while were away from home, I thank our lucky stars that it happened while we were in France. Not only did we have an inside track to doctors here, but I was actually able to talk to them and explain to Jared what they were saying. It has been highly taxing to speak my dusty French in a medical setting, but I’ve been getting by and Molly has helped to fill in the gaps at the pharmacy and with the lab, etc. In short, we are well taken care of.

It’s highlighted a key difference that we’ve enjoyed here in France: the people are extremely outwardly friendly and helpful. I know that a large part of that is because I am able to communicate with them, but I can’t tell you the number of strangers who have gone out of their way to help us even before they knew I could talk to them (usually when we didn’t need it, but still). In Paris, a man saw us looking for our hotel and stopped to direct us. The other day a man at the bus stop saw us looking at the schedule and approached to offer assistance. When I asked the local butcher if they had rotisserie chicken, he told me to just call him up in the morning and he’d make one for me. Molly’s doctor waived his fee when he heard that we didn’t have insurance (for those who are concerned, we do have insurance, but not the kind that pays for a doctor’s visit). Croatians were friendly too, but it took a lot more to get through that initial shell, and we were frustrated that we weren’t able to make more connections with people when we were there. Here, we feel at home – even Jared who can’t speak French at all. It makes me really sad that we are stuck with being sick during our precious last week. We still have some energy though, so we’re going to try to do everything still on our list for Nice before we leave.

Luckily, when Jared started to feel bad I made a big pot of chicken soup – my first try from scratch, thankyouverymuch – so we’ve had that to comfort us and ease the cooking duties for a few days.

I’ve gotten so used to being able to easily communicate and being familiar with the customs that I fear I have been spoiled. Jared promises I will love Spain though, and I trust him!


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