Owl See You In Antibes

Yesterday we took the train to Antibes to visit the Picasso museum that is housed in the Château Grimaldi. Antibes is about 30 minutes away from Beaulieu by train, which is a good thing since we missed the first train we wanted to take because there was no agent at the window (and we didn’t have a card with a chip so we couldn’t use the automated machine).

We arrived around midday and the museum was closed for lunch until 2pm so we walked around the port and the old town of Antibes, and ate a picnic lunch by the beach.

our picnic spot

Nomade by Jaume Plensa


The old town of Antibes was pretty charming, even to us who feel like we have seen so many old towns by now!

the old town from Nomade

Church of the Immaculate Conception

amazing church door

The Picasso Museum, though housed in a beautiful château, was kind of a disappointment. It’s supposed to be one of the largest collections of Picasso’s works, but a lot of the rooms were closed off so the overall effect was greatly diminished. However, we did enjoy a few interesting photographs of Picasso at work and some of his ceramic pieces that were still on display. There wasn’t a whole lot to photograph inside the museum, but I wouldn’t write it off altogether. I’ve heard that it’s a great collection and I’m sure it’s pretty impressive in the high season when it’s fully open. In it’s current state though, it seems a little silly to even be charging admission.

this photo cracked us up

The above is a photo of a wounded baby owl that flew into the studio while Picasso was working there. The artist became attached to it and incorporated him into a painting (and I thought I also recognized a ceramic owl in the collection). Too cute!

We didn’t stay too long in Antibes, but it was a successful little outing and we got to enjoy the sunshine so I’m not going to complain.


One response

  1. Sorry the Picasso museum was closed down. It was pretty cool when we were there.
    But did you get to see the big head in the back?



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