We made it to Spain! All is well, but while we settle in and get our bearings, I’ll fill you in on our last couple of days in France.

On Thursday we met Molly early in Nice to take the bus up to Saint-Paul-de-Vence. And I mean EARLY – the sun was coming up as we ate breakfast, but that kind of made it all worth it.

I’d been to Saint-Paul on my previous visits to Nice, and I was really excited to show the village to Jared because it was one of my favorite places. Happily, it was one of his too (though now that we’re in Spain I think that crown has changed hands).

Saint-Paul from afar

Saint-Paul was founded in the 9th century, and the dungeon (now the mayor’s office) is the oldest surviving structure, dating from the 12th century . The outer town walls date from the Renaissance, and you can still see many indications of the other defenses available to the city, like the cannon at the town’s entrance that is permanently trained on any approaching visitor.

we make extreme in-hospitality look good

"potable water"

The above fountain is a well known landmark for all visitors of Saint-Paul, and was built in 1615 by a local mason.

We happened upon this new (darling) olive oil shop during our wanderings. The poor girl who was working there was starved for visitors in the off season, so we had a nice long chat with her while Molly picked up a gift for my mom.

We had packed a picnic lunch (surprise!) so we grabbed a sandwich for Molly and some macarons and set up camp above the cemetery where the views were best.

they were SO GOOD.

lunchtime views

Saint-Paul is best known these days as an artist community, and is filled with galleries and studios. This is due to the large concentration of famous artists and writers who flocked to the village during the 1920’s. Marc Chagall is buried in the cemetery, so after lunch we set out to find his resting place.

the rocks are placed by visitors, per Jewish custom

We paid our respects to Chagall and continued to wander around the sloping streets. We stopped by the 13th-century church, perused some of the artwork interspersed around town, poked around winding alleys and finished up with a mug of mulled wine.

these are the street signs - effing charming.

this bad boy is for sale...

the church (Molly told us to look "recently married," as if that's hard for us)

We’re really going to miss having so many photos with both of us in them. It’s back to crazy Jared faces (though I’m sure you don’t mind)!

mulled wine!

waiting for the bus

If anyone is interested in reading more about Saint-Paul, check out this and this, and you can take a virtual tour of the town here.


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