Bon Anniversaire, Jared!

For those of you who don’t know, Jared’s birthday was last Friday the 13th (spooky). We had a low-key but fun celebration to round out our month in Nice.

We woke up and ate a hearty breakfast before taking a walk around the “small Cap,” the little arm that juts off of the east side of Cap Ferrat. It wasn’t as involved as our walk around the “large Cap,” but it was no less scenic and it felt nice to get some fresh air.

the birthday boy at the head of the trail

When we got to the end of the trail we walked up the hill to Chapel Saint-Hospice to see the giant bronze statue of the Madonna and Child. She was quite a sight!

I know I'm short, but STILL

After three months I was sorely in need of a haircut, and sadly Jared can’t cut my hair like I can cut his. Since we were already coming into town for dinner, Molly made me an appointment with her hairdresser – who is conveniently located next door to her apartment building. It was challenging to figure out how to talk about hair in French (I didn’t realize how limited my vocab was on that subject until the time came), but in the end I got what I wanted.

she styled it for dinner!

We had some champagne with Molly and Chris at their place and then headed out for a date at Molly’s favorite restaurant, Gaglio.

yes, that's covered in caramel.

Dinner was excellent and we had a really nice waiter who chatted with us about our trip. After dinner we walked around the old town a bit until we were ready to go home (Chris drove us).

The next day we spent packing and cleaning, until at about 7pm the power went out to the whole house! I think it was France telling us to chill out and enjoy our last evening. We couldn’t cook, so we made sandwiches with what we had left and had a candlelit dinner. How romantic. Thankfully the power came back on around 10pm so we were able to finish up packing and didn’t have to get up super early the next day.

Our flight on Sunday wasn’t until 3pm, so Molly came over to help us clean the apartment and get it ready for the next tenants. Then Chris arrived with the kids to drive us to the airport. We got off without any hitches (except for a momentary heart attack when the agent who checked us in couldn’t find in the system that we had pre-purchased an extra bag) and made it to Sevilla in the evening and settled into our cute place. But that’s a post for tomorrow!

We had a wonderful time spending the month with Molly and her family. We were so totally spoiled by them. Plus, we will miss having friends to see on a regular basis! So far, everyone in Spain is really nice even if we can’t understand each other, so we have felt very welcomed here as well.

thanks, guys!


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