Santa Cruz-ing

The first thing that we did to orient ourselves to the city was to walk over to the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Since we’re up in the northwest, we had to walk through the center of town to get to Santa Cruz and it took us through a good cross section of Seville. It was also at the top of Jared’s sightseeing list so…two birds with one stone. I just took pictures of everything I thought was pretty to capture my first impressions of the city, so these are presented without much comment.

On the way home, we stopped by the Central Market below the Metropol Parasol to shop for dinner (we’re going to go up and check out the viewing platform next week). It was so cheap that we got a ton of food for under 15 Euros – including a kilo of strawberries! We’ve been shopping there a lot since, and the quality is excellent! It’s easy to get into the lifestyle here, and our budget is certainly not complaining.

We’re on our way to Granada today so have a great weekend and I have lots to share next week!

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  1. Be sure to take a tour of the bull fighting arena… Even if you don’t see a fight! The inside is so beautiful… The picture of the white building with yellow trim reminded me of how awesome it is!

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