Metropol Parasol

Our internet has been down all weekend, which is a HUGE pain in the ass. Our landlord is out of town so we’ve just been waiting for his assistant to come reset the router, since she is the only one with the key to the cabinet. Fortunately, the bar/café by our house has wi-fi so we’ve been camped out here all day while Jared gets some work done. The glamorous life of travel!

The hidden blessing of no internet was that it wasn’t around to distract us this weekend, so we went out on Saturday night and had a rollicking good time. I think we visited every bar in Seville that we’d been eying in the past couple of weeks. We checked out a lot of good places in our neighborhood and somehow even made it all the way to Santa Cruz, had some tapas, and for one night decided not to worry about money and really enjoy ourselves. It was very cathartic!

It’s hard to write an involved post whilst sitting in a noisy café, so I’ll share our pictures from our recent trip to the top of the Metropol Parasol. It was completed in Spring 2011 so it’s a fairly new sight for Seville, and it’s a pretty neat view (and only costs €1.20 per person). On the ground level is the large Central Market – mentioned in my Santa Cruz post – where we shop for groceries most days.

Fingers crossed for working internet tomorrow!

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  1. The pics of Metropol Parasol remind me of Park Guell by Gaudi in Barcelona… It’s a little bit of a strange leap, but I hope you are able to go to Barcelona so you can tell me if I am totally nuts.

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