Sad Mac

heavy sigh.

The above photo was taken as we left the Goldenmac service center yesterday. In the morning, my beloved (super old) MacBook began to make really disturbing noises, then froze and refused to turn back on when I tried to restart. I tried every troubleshooting technique that had worked in the past, plus a few more from the Apple support website, all to no avail. I feared that what I had heard was a death rattle, so we found Goldenmac through the Apple website and took “her” in. The technician tried all the same techniques, sighed and said, “you need to take this to the support center – immediately.” Wow, I knew it was bad, but the way she said it you would have thought it was endangering our lives. She showed us how to get to the service center by bus, (we asked if we could walk and she kind of laughed at us) and we walked up to the stop just as the bus was driving away. Seriously?!?

The diagnosis: I need a new hard drive. It’s probably going to cost about €200. I’m really frustrated, because this is a computer I was going to replace as soon as we got home, and it’s annoying to put more money into it for just a few more months of use. She’s 5 years old, but almost all the guts (hard drive included) were replaced just over a year ago. I would have bought a new laptop before we left, but we just didn’t have the money and I opted instead to buy an iPad for temporary back-up…I guess in case THIS EXACT THING happened.

The incredibly, wonderful, joyous, fortunate good news is that everything is backed up. I will have to figure out how to replace a few applications that I don’t have the disks for (though I was smart enough to bring a copy of my operating system), but all of my pictures, music, documents  and everything important is totally saved. Some things are even saved in two locations, but that’s due to my own (apparently completely well-founded) paranoia. I have learned much from the hard drive crashes of yore. Really though, I owe it all to the marvelous Carbonite, to which at this point I’m practically willing to give our first born child as thanks (offer not legally binding). I guess I also owe my boyfriend Ira Glass and This American Life for accepting Carbonite as a sponsor and so often mentioning them on the show? Ira, please get in touch so I can thank you in person.

Oh my, this post has gotten off track. To summarize: sad Mac; yay Carbonite. It’s really a traveler’s best friend.


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