Wins for the Week

I think this picture says it all

My computer is back! And even better, it’s paid for! Let me rewind one minute and explain.

This is my "Uncle Nick." As you can see, he is cool.

My parents have a friend Nick, who I have literally known my entire life (he was present at my birth). He and his family used to live in New Jersey and when I was in college in Montreal, I would come down and spend Thanksgiving with them. They were my introduction to New York, and really encouraged me to move to the city when I graduated. When I met Jared, he started to come to Thanksgiving at their house too, and when we got married, Nick’s kids were in our wedding. The above photo is him dancing at our wedding reception (everybody got DOWN that night).

Anyway, Nick and his family moved to California last year, and he visits Seattle a lot since it’s his hometown too. He was visiting my parents when the unpleasantness with my laptop occurred, and he immediately offered to cover the repair costs! He wanted to invest in the trip, because he is awesome.  So when I say that we have supportive friends and family, I really mean it! Thanks Uncle Nick, we are so very grateful for your help.

In other wins this week…GO GIANTS! We had such a fun time watching the Superbowl this year. We’d watched the last round of the playoffs at a bar that was chock full of college students, and when we found out that for the big game they would be charging an €18 cover, we decided to look elsewhere for a bar with satellite TV. Our neighbor had one suggestion for a bar that didn’t charge cover or require a reservation, but it was a bit far away. After a quick Google we found Merchant’s Malthouse which was also free and much closer to our apartment. Normally we wouldn’t care, but with the time difference the game didn’t start until 12:30AM and we weren’t too keen on walking further than we needed to at 5AM when the game was over.

Merchant's Malt House

showing my NYC pride - lucky thing I packed this shirt!

The bar was great, and we immediately wished we’d found it sooner. They had drink specials, food specials, and a ton of fun Giants fans. We soon met Brian and Rebecca who were running the box pool (and from New York), and we cheered on our team with them all night.

What. An. Awesome. Game. The only Superbowl that topped that for us was the last time the Giants won and we were both living in New York. If we couldn’t be in the city, this was definitely the next best thing.

The next day, because we were so exhausted, we decided to treat ourselves to the baths at Aire de Sevilla. It was HEAVEN. Seriously, this is my new favorite thing in life, and definitely the best thing we’ve done on the trip so far. We also went when we were in Cordóba (which I promise I will recap tomorrow) and are planning to go again in Barcelona. You sit in a warm pool, then move onto a hot pool and then to a freezing pool…and then do it all over again. The process relaxes the body but wakes it up at the same time, and is supposed to improve circulation. The baths in Seville also had a saltwater pool, steam room, and hydrotherapy tub, and if you were tired of the water you could just sit on warm marble slabs and drink tea. If you are in Spain, GO DO THIS. It’s worth every penny.

Oh and since I mentioned Barcelona, I should clarify that we’re heading up there on Friday to meet up with our friend Jorge who is visiting a friend there. We’re leaving Sevilla a bit early (sad) and have rented an apartment for 9 days in what seems like a cool neighborhood, so we’re getting pretty excited about it. Also, to save money and not stress about all our luggage, we will be taking the train along the coast, so that should make for some beautiful views. It’ll be a long day but we’ve really enjoyed the train here so far, so we’re actually quite looking forward to it.

Now I’m off to begin the long process of restoring the files on my computer…


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