Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza

Apart from going to a Flamenco show (which we sadly ran out of time to do), visiting the bullring in Seville was the last thing I had to see before we left. I knew it would be beautiful, but I was surprised at how much I learned, and how much it would make me actually want to see a bullfight. I know it’s a very controversial sport, but the guide answered all of our questions with such passion and the artwork on display conveyed much about what an exciting and beautiful sport it can be. We learned some of the rules and phases of a bullfight, about the sport’s origin in military training, how powerful bulls are sometimes spared to sire, and about who exactly created the style of bullfighting that exists today.

It was so interesting, and definitely worth a visit no matter your feelings towards bullfighting. The building was built for over 120 years and finally completed in 1881, and is supposedly the oldest bullring in Spain. The tour led us through the former infirmary and now art museum, a museum on the history of bullfighting in Spain, and then to the chapel that is the last stop before each bullfighter enters the ring (though apparently they are more superstitious than religious).

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