Paris, Jared T’aime

We can hardly believe it, but we’re down to our last two weeks in Europe! We decided in the end not to go back to Croatia because it was easier and cheaper to fly out of Paris, and we’re just kind of ready to head back to some familiar territory for a bit. The truth is that moving around a lot gets pretty tiring, and we’ve pretty much seen everything we had set out to see. We’re heading back through New York in two weeks, and then we’re going to regroup in Seattle for a few weeks, buy a car and spend the spring and summer in the Southwest, Colorado and hopefully also California. We had originally planned an epic road trip for our honeymoon in 2010, but only ended up having a week off so we just spent some time in California. Now that we have some time, we thought we’d reprise that idea a little – and it doesn’t hurt that the weather will be gorgeous down there. It’s been cold in Europe so we need a little warming up!

We arrived in Paris on Saturday morning, after a 12-hour overnight train from Barcelona. This pretty much sums up our train ride, if there were also a picture of us sprawled out in reclining seats with sleep masks on, rambunctious toddlers behind us and gangster rap blaring (honestly, who does that?? I was thisclose to walking over and handing them my headphones):

Barcelona Franca Station

bar car!

As for our place in Paris, we really lucked out. It could have been a total disaster because we left things to the last possible minute; we weren’t sure we’d be able to afford to come here, and we weren’t having much luck finding a place to stay that was within our budget. When Jorge and his friend Valerie cooked us a lovely dinner on Sunday night, they also invited their friend Georgina. Georgie used to live in Paris and contacted her friend on our behalf, who then contacted her cousin who happens to have a spare one-bedroom apartment! We never would have found this place on our own because they normally don’t rent it out – it’s just for visiting friends and family – but they made an exception for us.

Georgina saves the day!

This place is really a find too: it’s in the quiet 20th arrondissement, has everything we need within walking distance, and on the 10th floor of the building so we have KILLER views of the city. I like to think it’s Jared’s proper introduction to one of my favorite cities, and Paris is doing everything it can to make him fall in love. Even more than that, our landlords are the nicest people we could have imagined. They live across the hall and have been so welcoming and sweet. we feel so lucky to have met them!

Jared helpfully points out our location

living area



comfy bed


It’s hard to tell from pictures, but when we’re sitting on the couch the Eiffel Tower looks like it’s right outside our window. It’s just there, casually chillin’ in the view, no big deal. I know it’s kind of a touristy thing to think the Eiffel Tower is cool, but I don’t care. It’s a gorgeous structure, and it’s stunning at night – especially with the hourly light show.

Do you like how I even managed to get the très French emergency siren in the background?

We’ve had a few days to get oriented and we’ve already done miles of walking. This is my 5th visit to Paris and though it changes and I change, being here never gets old. I love this town and I always feel at home here. I am just excited to show Jared all my favorite spots! The weather is supposed to be clear and sunny this week, and then rainy next week so we’re doing all the outdoor stuff now and saving all the museums for the rain.

For now, I will leave you with gratuitous shots of our view at sunset.


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