Lazy Weekend

Sadly, our friend Andrae had something come up and wasn’t able to visit this weekend, but we still had an awesome time with our new friends Claire and Jordan. My mom’s coworker Olivia went to college with them and got us in touch since they are over here for graduate school (which, after hearing about it, sounds very involved and we are rather impressed). It was actually a pretty perfect set-up because they live over in my favorite neighborhood, Montmartre, and I had been meaning to take Jared over there for a walk-about. We set a meet-up for Friday headed over a few hours early to explore, and Jared declared that it was what he’d always imagined Paris to be (evidently, a super charming West Village).

We started by walking up the steps to Sacré Cœur, and filing through like cattle for a brief viewing of the interior (no pictures of course, but it’s worth a look).

The day was really warm but pretty foggy, so the view wasn’t as spectacular from this point as it normally would be. Though I am partial to the once-in-a-lifetime view we have from our apartment.

The last time I visited Paris, I stayed in Montmartre with my friend Annemieke who was studying abroad for the semester, and I actually remembered enough of the turf to find my way around (and my Paris Pratique did the rest. If you are ever visiting Paris, invest in this book. It is worth it.). I don’t remember the area being quite as packed with tourists in previous visits, but it was only really bad in the immediate area surrounding Sacré Cœur, so once we wandered out a bit further it was much quieter. We found the Café des 2 Moulins from Amélie and the Moulin de la Galette, and then walked over to the back side of the hill where we were meeting Jordan and Claire.

Jared and I decided that much like the West Village, when we won the lottery, we’d buy a house over in Montmartre. Everybody else spends imaginary lottery money too, right? That can’t just be us.

this house, specifically.

We strolled by Montmartre highlights Lapin Agile and Clos Montmartre, which is an adorable tiny vineyard across the street (though apparently the wine isn’t great).

We met up with Claire and Jordan over at the Lamarck-Caulaincourt Metro stop and then walked over to their place for some wine and cheese. Their apartment is exactly the kind of place that we wished we could have found in Montmartre. It’s A-DOR-ABLE. We also wanted to go to their place because we wanted to pet their adorable cat Zoe. She was a little shy about us, but we got some good loves in.

We had such a lovely evening! We are kind of starved for conversation – not that we don’t talk to each other (A LOT), but it’s nice to have other interactions – and it was so great to talk to people who understood what that was like, since they only moved here 6 months ago from Seattle (also, yay Seattle!). We drank some wine, went to a cute neighborhood place for dinner, and made plans to go to Les Puces on Sunday.

A note on the Paris Flea Markets: my intel from the master of Parisien thrift shopping is that the best market is Vanves. Since we weren’t really shopping and just wanted somewhere to wander around, we just went out to Clignancourt, and luckily it was pretty quiet. There was one thing that I wished I could have bought, but it was clearly not coming on the plane with us and cost €450.

seriously, how cute is this?!

After the market we hiked back up to Montmartre to chat some more over coffee and strudel. It was a lovely lazy weekend in Paris and we are happy to have made some new friends. Maybe next time we can host them in Seattle!


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