Taking It to the Streets

If you visited the site earlier today, you may have seen that we were shut down briefly, and that there was a notice that we violated the TOS of WordPress. What happened was that earlier in the week, I was incredibly honored to be featured on A Practical Wedding…and the sudden surge in traffic triggered WordPress’ automatic spam filters and shut us down without a warning. So we’re not copyright infringers or spammers, just to be clear, and a very nice man from WordPress fixed the problem. Other than that, it’s been a great week and I am very proud to have my piece featured, since I poured a lot of myself into writing it and it seems to have resonated with a lot of people. Writing about our experiences in a public place can be really scary, and the support we’ve gotten has been amazing.

Since I wasn’t able to access the site for much of the day, I’ll just share a bit of the street art we’ve seen around town in the past few days. I’ve been keeping my eyes open ever since I spotted a Space Invader at the Metro stop by our apartment, and then two more as we were walking around town. If you’ve seen Exit Through the Gift Shop, you may remember that Invader was the cousin of Thierry Guetta/Mr. Brainwash, and was his introduction to the world of street art.


on the way to Père Lachaise

waiting in line for the Catacombs

You can buy maps that give the location of the some 1,000 Invader pieces in Paris (and many other cities), but I think it’s much more fun to discover them around town.

We’ve also seen quite a few pieces by Fred le Chevalier. We spotted the one below in Montmartre, and another in our neighborhood (when I was sadly without my camera).

We also caught these lovelies peeking out at us in Montmartre (I couldn’t find anything on this artist, so if anyone has any info, leave it in the comments!):

And this mural as we walked the Canal Saint-Martin:

That last one probably isn’t technically street art, but I like the idea of transforming the boring backside of a building into something beautiful, and in that sense it fits.

It always feels like such a treat to spot pieces like these around town. It’s a nice reminder that some of the most interesting pieces can often be found outside of a museum.


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