Last Tango In Paris

We had a really fun final night in Paris. We took the day to relax a bit, and then headed in to see Notre Dame before meeting up with our new friend Nicole at her place for drinks and dinner in her neighborhood.

around Notre Dame

We snuck up on Notre Dame from behind, so we could get a little taste of the neighborhood. It’s really adorable, as you can see.

Jared really enjoyed Notre Dame, and it was particularly nice because we visited during mass (we love the singing). We also made sure to put our feet on the geographical center of Paris. Supposedly if you do, you will be sure to return – it’s worked for me so far!

On the way to Nicole’s apartment, we passed the smallest house in Paris (I’m not exaggerating, that’s how it’s known).

as wide as a Smart car!

We had a really fun night with Nicole. She has an awesomely French apartment near the Eiffel Tower, and we ate another great meal on the Rue Cler and chatted for hours.

the elevator had a seat!

it was rather low.

Our flight wasn’t until 9:30PM the next day so we got up, did all the laundry, packed and cleaned the apartment. Our landlord offered to drive us to the airport for less than we would have paid to take a bus or the train, so we gladly accepted. We had a 12-hour layover in Dublin, so we opted to get a room near the airport so we could arrive showered and rested in New York. It was a good call, and Jared was able to drink a Guinness in Ireland! He said it really does taste better there.


So our the European portion of our adventure comes to an end. It’s bittersweet. We’re ready to be home, but obviously it’s still a little sad that it’s over.

I’m going to keep up with this blog since I’d like to think it’s about more than just our travels – it’s about the way in which we are choosing to live our life together (plus there is more travel to come, we hope!). I may not post as frequently, but I’d really like to chronicle what it’s like for us to get back and readjust, and the challenges that come with all of it.

Thanks for reading so far, and I hope you stick with us!


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