On the Road Again…

Hi there. I know. I KNOW. It’s been a while.

We made it safely back to Seattle (via a week in NYC), and so did all of our crap (not that we wanted to ever see it again after all that time).

We’ve been decompressing and adjusting to our new home city. It’s even new to me since so much has changed since the last time I lived here, but it’s nice to have so much to explore and re-discover about my hometown. It’s a bit of an odd time, because we’re so in transition. We’re living with Jared’s very accommodating and generous parents while we sort ourselves out, and a lot of our stuff is still in boxes in their garage and spare bedroom. That’s partly why I haven’t written here in a while – just not a lot to say. Things are good, and we’ve had a lot of great quality time with our families and friends, but it’s not exactly exciting to chronicle my trips to Target or Jared’s daily commute.

Oh, but we do have some bits of exciting news. We bought a car!

I’m pretty sure the internet demanded this picture.

it has a roomy trunk!

oh dear, this has gone pear-shaped…

And even more exciting: I finally got my driver’s license! Yes, I am 29 years old. I don’t want to talk about it. Turns out, I love driving! I still beat my grandmother by 11 years (she was 40 when she got hers, and my grandfather owned a car dealership), so I’m doing a-OK.

We’ve also been treated to some really spectacular weather lately, and have been on quite a few hikes. When we first talked about moving out here, hiking was one of the things we were most looking forward to, and it’s been a great way to show Jared around the area.

There are days where I am still surprised by how beautiful it is here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re both really psyched to be here. That being said, we’re leaving for a month! Today, our bedroom looked like this:

We leave tomorrow at the crack of dawn for a mini-tour of the Southwest. Jared has a conference in Colorado, and then a family reunion a few weeks later back in Colorado, so we’re driving out and taking the two weeks in between to hit up Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon (I’ve never been), and a few other fun stops. We’ve been wanting to do a trip like this ever since we got married…as you can imagine we are really excited about it.

So this is my welcome back to blogging, because you know I’m going to take a crapload of pictures and share all of our stops. And you’d better believe there will be some old-timey hijinks.



2 responses

  1. YEAH!!! Did Mr Footlong fit somewhere in that amazing trunk? Safe travels and call me sometime today along the way. Miss you and our Monday’s already:( Target will be so sad as well. Yosh says ‘good morning’ …meow

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