Live at Red Rocks

I feel like this whole night is a story.” -me

I checked off a major bucket list item on Thursday, because I FINALLY saw a show at Red Rocks. It was awesome. Julie has some friends in high places, so we had VIP access, which meant that we were shuttled up to and entered through the backstage. NBD, just walking backstage at Red Rocks. The show was Bon Iver with Feist opening. It’s important for the purposes of this story that I tell you I like Bon Iver but I was really excited to see Feist.


We get up to the VIP seating and sit down since Feist had already started playing. I made some small talk with the security guard assigned to our corner, because I am apparently Josh in Clueless and have to find the adult in the room and make friends with them immediately. So we’re hanging out and enjoying the show, when these 2 girls come up to the entrance to the VIP section and are clearly trying to contact a friend who is supposed to get them in. I notice that while doing this, they are completely blocking the view of the guys sitting next to us on the other side of the rope. Their friend finally comes and gets them in, and then the three of them proceed to stand – lost in conversation – in front of me and Julie. We had been sitting because there was some filming of the show going on, so we stood up to give them a polite signal that they were blocking our view. They don’t move. Remember, Feist is still playing, so I start to get really annoyed, and I ask them as politely as possible to move down a ways so that we can continue to see the show. The guy who brought them in proceeds to give me a look that could have turned me to stone, and as they leave the security guard (my new BFF) tells me that the guy I just pissed off is “in the band.” Great.

our new friend

Whatever, dude was being rude, and the New Yorker in me wasn’t going to let him ruin Feist’s performance (also, it’s worth noting that the guy next to me gave me a high five since they had also been blocking his view). The security guard made fun of me for the rest of the show. In my defense, it’s a really big band, and even if I had known who the guy was I probably would still have asked him to move. I didn’t go to the show to see the back of his head. Be aware, dude!

That wasn’t even the funniest part of the evening though. We went to grab some beers and when we came back to our seats, some “seasoned hippies” (Julie’s description) were sitting next to us. They were really nice and as we made small talk, they asked me whether I thought the security guard was going to let them smoke pot. I said I didn’t think so, and they offered me a piece of their brownie which they had apparently bought off a guy in the parking lot who looked like the woman’s son. Thanks, but I’ll pass. Then, later in the evening they actually asked our friend the security guard if they could smoke weed! When he said they couldn’t, they then asked him where he thought they’d be able to get away with it!

OK, let me break down our conversation after they left:

“If you’re trying to get away with smoking pot at a concert – which by the smell of things is certainly possible – the last person you should ask for advice is the SECURITY GUARD.”

“How do they not know how to get away with smoking? From the looks of it they have been smoking pot at Red Rocks for 30 years.”

the aftermath

heading back to our car

the endless line of headlights

After the show, I was really impressed with how quickly the venue staff were able to clear out the sold-out crowd. We waited for a little bit, but nowhere near as long as I expected given the volume of cars and people.

All in all, the show totally rocked and the night could not have been more perfect. It was a really fun time, and it was an amazing introduction to the venue that I’ve heard so much about and wanted to visit for 10 years.